Sunday, August 31, 2014

Team 82 Welcome

As the day and age of technology has offered each of the teachers of Team 82 unique ways to enhance their teaching, we find it very beneficial to offer a home page for our team.  This blog is simply that, a place to start when looking for information on all of our core classes.

You will find links on the right to each teacher, plus a few extras that may be helpful for a parent or student at Grandville Middle School.

The core teachers are:

Mrs. Vacha- Science

Mr. Marvel- Math- OR you may Use the Infinite Campus Link- using the IC Math class assignment option, you will find all things Math.

Mr. Mazurek- American History

Mr. Mulder- Language Arts

Please use each teacher's link to their class's specific information. 

On occassion this blog will be used to share announcements for the team, interesting articles to read, and updates as needed.

Thank you,

Team 82

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